Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zoo Time Fun! ♥

Hi guys! 
Yesterday I had SO much fun! My boyfriend took me to the zoo!!! I love the zoo! 
I'm obsessed with it! I haven't been in about 2 years, and I was just so excited! I'm a total animal freak.
I was squealing like a little kid when I saw all the cute animals. I especially loved the adorable deer, my boyfriend always calls me Bambi, so just another reason why I love them even more! 
But what I was most excited about was the big cats - the snow leopard, the siberian tigers, the jaguar & it's cub, the lions, cheetahs, and the cougars! I find them all extremely beautiful and fascinating.
Oh, and one of the highlights of my day was the TAPIR! Such a weird animal! I even petted it, while it was sleeping! Haha!

We were there for more than 4 hours!
Here are some pictures we took:

Oooh, look! It's Bambi!
I swear this ostrich was in love with my boyfriend! She wouldn't even look at me, she kept staring at him the whole time!
Oh well, he's MINE! 

This gorgeous snow leopard was my absolute favorite! Such a beautiful animal.

I didn't want to go home until we saw the Tapir! SO CUTE, but rather weird at the same time!


  1. My boyfriend is taking me to the zoo soon also! He took me as a total surprise for valentines day, it is my favourite! You look SO glam for the zoo, I wish I was you haha!

  2. Haha, thanks. I had about 10 minutes to get ready, I was in such a rush! I always am! This house is crazy, I swear!
    And I totally agree! The zoo is the best! Have fun when you go! xoxo


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