Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What I Wore Today #4

 Hi guys! Just a quick post. 
I didn't do much all day - went to work to pick something up, ran around the city, from the bank, to the post office, and basically all around town...so tiring! But when I got home I decided to cook some lovely lovely cherry soup with cinnamon and lemon zest and some cherry & nutella pancakes to make up for it all. Yum!

This is what I wore for a casual day out. It was rather cold, so I decided to wear this oversized knit jumper over a plain black shirt, with leggings, my favorite jelly heels, an oversized bag and of course some jewellery to spice it up a little!

A very casual and chill outfit, which I love. It is so comfortable.
Sometimes it feels good to just dress down a little.

Oversized Knit Jumper: New Yorker
White Jelly Flats: Weide
Black Leggings: Zara
Pearl Necklace: Tally Weijl
Ring: YSL (not visible on this picture)

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