Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tom Ford Cateye Shades

I have been looking for the perfect cateye sunglasses for months and months and months. I've tried on several pairs, but they just weren't "The One."

I first noticed these when the official 2010 & 2011 Summer Tom Ford ad's came out, featuring Carolyn Murphy & Abbey Lee Kershaw! I absolutely loved them all! But... since they don't have an official store here in my country, I didn't want to risk ordering them online in case they looked bad on me.

AND THEN... I saw the Kardashian family wearing Tom Ford's cateye beauties, named Nico, Anouk, and Nikita, and I instantly fell in love with all three designs!!! 
They seem to be a huge fan of TF sunglasses, because you can find pictures of them wearing practically every single style! And I don't blame them because they look smokin' in all of them!

Well I decided to give into the temptation. I'm going to purchase the Tom Ford "Nico" sunglasses, and then maybe the "Anouk" as well!
I'm not too sure on the "Nikita" yet, but who knows.
I'm so excited!

Would you wear them? Which one's your favorite out of the three?

Tom Ford "Nico" Sunglasses

Carolyn Murphy modelling the "Nico" in last year's ad campaign.
 Kim Kardashian has worn her pair of Nico shades several times before. She must love them!
Cheryl Cole & Fergie rocking this popular style!

Tom Ford "Anouk" Sunglasses

Kourtney Kardashian & Olivia Palermo are also big fans of TF's Anouk sunnies!
Tom Ford "Nikita" Sunglasses

Abbey Lee wearing a see-through version.
The Kardashian family; Kris Jenner & Kourtney K have been spotted wearing this exact style!
Selena Gomez sported a white version for a photoshoot, and Kelly Osbourne wore Nikita's to her friend Amy Winehouse's funeral...
...And Rihanna also has a pair!

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  1. I very much like the Nikita! I also saw The Kardashians wearing them, agree with you, they look so good on them:) In my country, Estonia, I havent seen any glasses, that could even remind me of Tom Ford Nikita ones. Hope they will appear soon:D and i will keep my eyes open , wide open to the sun. :P


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