Thursday, December 29, 2011

O Christmas Tree! ♥

I wanted to show you guys our beautiful Christmas tree!
Our tree is in my room every year, which I love, because it's especially beautiful at night! When I go to bed I just stare at the lights & the pretty decoration for hours! And it gives my room such a great holiday vibe! I wish it was Christmas all the time!

What kind of tree did you have this year? :)

PS - "More Christmas treats" post coming soon! 
I can spot 2 of them under the tree... Hello JC Spikes and Versace for H&M box! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Wore Today #23

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Just popping in to show you what I wore today! :)

I went to bed real late last night so I slept in for as long as I could... the rest of the day I spent with my mom and my boyfriend at the mall, sipping on coffee & getting a little bit of shopping done as well! (I'll be doing a post on what I bought soon!)
I also have work tonight, so I wanted to have a real layed back afternoon, and it was exactly that!

I decided to wear my brand new houndstooth skirt, which I LOVE, with my favorite black blazer, some opaque black tights & high platform boots!
I am just absolutely head over heels with houndtooth print. I think I even love it more than I love any other print. Even leopard! Which is a really big favorite of mine too...! 
Houndstooth in my opinion is just such a classic, it's really elegant and timeless! (And let's not forget that I'm a huge fan of black & white so we have that explained!) 
I originally wanted to pair this look with a red hot bag (houndstooth is so gorgeous with red!), but I ended up going for a more classic look instead. 
Hope you like it!

Blazer: Vintage
Plain Black Top: ZARA
Skirt with Belt: Tally Weijl
Shoes: GaGa Gold
Tights: ZARA
Ring: YSL

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Treats: Versace for H&M

Hi everyone!
Merry Christmas to you all!
I have to say this has been one of the best Christmas celebrations for me in a long time!

I want to start off by showing you these Versace for H&M beauties! I fell in love with them the moment I saw the official ad campaigns, and I knew I had to have them immediately! I have always loved Versace, and Santa was so nice to me this year, he brought me these amazingly beautiful pieces from their H&M line! Yay, thank you!

 I am absolutely mesmerized by these two choker necklaces, I am just obsessed with them! You can put these on and you feel so glam, and they just immediately spice up your outfit!
I wore the panther head the other day to a fashion show we organized, with a low cut blazer & a shimmering black bra, and I seriously had all eyes on me thanks to this stunning piece of jewelry! I can't wait to wear the orchids either!
This little cutie is just so adorable! It doesn't really fit much into it, except for my iphone, and maybe some lipstick or makeup, but I just find it so chic & perfect for a party where you don't want to carry a huge bag around with you! You just slap these on your wrist and you're ready to go! I really have my eyes on the black one as well, it would be easier to use it, since pink is a bit hard to match with my usual outfits, but I do love it nevertheless!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I Wore Today #22

Hi guys!
I'm baaaaaaaack! :) I'm truly sorry for not updating for weeks now... I have really been busy, but now that one of our biggest projects is done, I have some time to update again!
I've participated in a lot of things in the past few weeks, mainly shooting videos & photoshoots, doing makeup &  some minor styling too!

I wanted to show you what I wore to one of the shoots, which was for Tally Weijl, a clothing brand I've written lots of posts about in the past! I love their fashion & what the whole brand is about. It's fun, girly, and most of all, sexy!

Here's what I wore:

If you're wondering: Almost everything I wore was by Tally Weijl, except for the black platform ankle boots!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just because you like to put on a beautiful Carolina Herrera dress or a pair of J Brand blue jeans instead of something basic from K-Mart, it doesn't mean that you're a dumb person.
Anna Wintour

Friday, December 9, 2011

ZARA Gold Sequin Clutch

Hello everyone!
Wow, I haven't updated in ages. I'm so sorry for that!
I have been so incredibly busy with work, I haven't really had time to come on the internet much.
I've been doing hair & makeup, styling, editing & video shooting in the past few weeks, which is amazing, and what I've always dreamed of! It's just so much fun. I really enjoy doing it!

I also wanted to show you this amazing gold sequin clutch from ZARA, which I bought a while ago. You might remember it from one of my What I Wore Today posts!
No doubt, it has been very popular with bloggers & models all over the world, but it's no wonder because it's gorgeous! 
Just how beautiful does it look on all the pictures? I'm seriously in love! 
I can't wait to wear mine more often!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Nails my way! #13

So I have become a huge fan of gel nails, and I have to say I'm crazy addicted to them! I have tried out several styles, but I just have so many more in my mind that I want to do! They are just amazing, last ages, up to 4 weeks to be exact, don't chip, fade, break, etc. I am simply in love with them. 
I will be doing a post on each of the different styles I've had in the past!

This time, it's Barbie style!

I just really missed having pink nails, and that is why I decided to do a cute girly design this week!
I topped off my pink & silver glittery style with some bright pink bows and two fingers which are fully crystallized with swarovskis!
Eeee, I feel like such a girly girl everytime I look at them!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Orange Hermés Birkin Bag

Okay. I have been in a serious love/hate relationship with this bag, from day one. I'll explain why.

I think this bag is on my Christmas wishlist this year, in the 40cm size preferably, and why do I only think that, not know it surely? Because sometimes I'm just not too sure if this bag is really me afterall. 

I absolutely love Birkin bags, they are one of my favorites, but as you know, I'm not really a huge fan of colours, and that is why I'm really hesitating over the whole orange thing. All my bags are black, black, black, and more black, ok and some white, and maybe red, and a little pink, but mostly black. You get the point...

Orange is a lovely colour, and such a classic, especially for Hermés, since it is their trademark shade, but I just can't decide... I'm so stuck on my black & white mania that I can't seem to break away from it. I think I need to break the cycle a little! 

It just looks so lovely on Kourtney Kardashian, with her bronzed skin and dark locks, it just makes all her outfits pop! She was actually the one who made me fall in love with it completely. I never liked this bag on Victoria Beckham as much as her other gorgeous coloured Birkins, or on bad girl Lindsay Lohan or Formula 1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone for that matter. But Kourt just rocks it and makes me lust it even moooooore!

I need your help! 
What do you honestly think?
Do you say yes to this orange Hermés Birkin, or perhaps... a big no?
Because I sure can't make my mind up, that's for sure.

Victoria Beckham has been spotted with her lovely orange Birkin several times before!
Lindsay Lohan also owns an orange shade Birkin, in 40cm. Wow, it looks so big on her!
Tamara Ecclestone & her sister Petra are also huge Birkin fans, they own several numbers of the famous bags. And of course here's a little street style inspiration for you!

I never knew Nicole Richie had an orange Hermés! She doesn't wear it too often, does she...
Of course, I saved the best for last - Kourtney Kardashian and her beautiful orange Birkin, with gold hardware!
SO LOVELY! She makes me want to buy one right now! Her gorgeous tanned complexion and dark long hair just goes perfectly with this shade. (That's why I originally thought it would also suit me, by the way.) Hmm.

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