Monday, June 27, 2011

H&M By Night: Sparkling & Colourful Pink Maxi Dress

So my pink maxi dress from H&M's latest By Night collection, that I ordered from their online store, has finally arrived! Thanks to my lovely friend Ally!  
I was a bit worried about the size, as I hadn't tried it on before, but it's perfect! 
The only thing I'm disappointed about, is the colour though. I thought it would be more of a bubblegum pink. In real life, it's very fuschia. It has a very visible blue undertone to it, which I don't really like. 
Overall - it's simply gorgeous & perfect for summer, even though I don't know where I'll even wear it yet, haha!

One thing I regret is not ordering the black maxi dress from the same collection. I might go back & buy it, because it was just too gorgeous, especially in real life! The picture of it really doesn't do it much justice.

Ew, my hair! Just got out of the shower...
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Zara


  1. This looks incredible on you Amy, don't be disappointed, I'd kill to look as lovely s you do in that dress!

  2. beautiful... you Amy, and the dress too

  3. I agree! I think the dress suits you more than the model who is advertising it! you defo do more justice for it than that phot :D

  4. Thank you! That's a huge huge compliment!!!
    You guys are lovely.

  5. what size did you get? :) i never know what size to get at h&m :/

  6. Well, I'm almost always a 36 at H&M, but I was afraid the 36 in a dress like this might be too tight, especially at the bust, so I went for the 38 instead, just to make sure. And it's almost perfect sizing, which fits me well I guess!

  7. Hey! Have you used this dress yet? I just bought one myself and I have no idea what kind of accessories to use, and what kind of a purse/bag/clutch goes with it. I dont want to look TOO fancy so I'm trying to find a way to way it down.. maybe with a blazer? Could you please help me?? :)
    Btw, you look really good in this dress, hope I will to! :D


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