Sunday, June 12, 2011

NYX Round Lipsticks

I used to be all about MAC and YSL lipsticks, but when I found out about NYX Round Lipsticks and read online reviews about it, I knew I had to order some!
And the hype was right! - For such a low price, the quality is absolutely amazing! The staying power is great, and the colours glide on really easily, not to mention the texture is just so creamy! 

These 7 shades were my first ever purchases from NYX; and I instantly fell in love with every single one!
I ordered them from a power seller on ebay, and I've been ordering from there ever since!
Strawberry Milk, Narcissus, Orange Soda, Pumpkin Pie, Honey, Iris and Circe.

I also own Fig, Tea Rose, Summer Love, Tea, Indian Pink, Celene, and Thalia!

Now I have my eyes on the new 2011 Summer release, which includes 24 new shades! How gorgeous are they?
On my list is - Rose, Haute Melon, Gala, Paparazzi, Chic/Stella, Peach Bellini, and Marrakesh Pink! And who knows, maybe even some others, they are all gorgeous so it's hard to decide!
Have any of you tried any NYX products before? If so, what are your thoughts on them?


  1. girl, i love your blog, just wanted to know what hair dye you use to get your blue black hair color?its lovely xx

  2. Aw thank you! That's very sweet of you!
    I actually don't dye my hair anymore, it's completely back to its natural very dark brown state (can't really tell), but when it was blue-toned, which I loved so much, I used several different dyes. I always played around with different brands! My favorites though were probably Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL & Schwarzkopf Brilliance in Blue Black! I always did my own hair so I mostly used off the shelf dyes, I'm not too fond of hair salons & stylists to be honest. Whatever they can do, I can do myself too!
    Thanks again for the sweet compliment! x


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