Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hidden Treasures & Lace

I tried this beautiful lace bow detail blazer on when it first came out, along with a grey version as well, as a part of H&M's first By Night collection, and I instantly fell in love with it!
I honestly don't know why I didn't buy it that day, but last week when I was randomly browsing around at H&M, I spotted one hidden in a pile of clothes, and to my surprise it was for sale too!
Excatly my size. Exactly the colour I wanted! So happy.

I'm thinking of buying a grey one as well, they had a few left of that colour. I took the last cream one home!
But to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of grey clothes, they're a bit mousey and plain in my opinion, and can of course make you look very washed out, but I believe I can make it work without looking too much like... well... a mouse.

I hope they still have some left!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What I Wore Today #4

 Hi guys! Just a quick post. 
I didn't do much all day - went to work to pick something up, ran around the city, from the bank, to the post office, and basically all around tiring! But when I got home I decided to cook some lovely lovely cherry soup with cinnamon and lemon zest and some cherry & nutella pancakes to make up for it all. Yum!

This is what I wore for a casual day out. It was rather cold, so I decided to wear this oversized knit jumper over a plain black shirt, with leggings, my favorite jelly heels, an oversized bag and of course some jewellery to spice it up a little!

A very casual and chill outfit, which I love. It is so comfortable.
Sometimes it feels good to just dress down a little.

Oversized Knit Jumper: New Yorker
White Jelly Flats: Weide
Black Leggings: Zara
Pearl Necklace: Tally Weijl
Ring: YSL (not visible on this picture)

Monday, June 27, 2011

H&M By Night: Sparkling & Colourful Pink Maxi Dress

So my pink maxi dress from H&M's latest By Night collection, that I ordered from their online store, has finally arrived! Thanks to my lovely friend Ally!  
I was a bit worried about the size, as I hadn't tried it on before, but it's perfect! 
The only thing I'm disappointed about, is the colour though. I thought it would be more of a bubblegum pink. In real life, it's very fuschia. It has a very visible blue undertone to it, which I don't really like. 
Overall - it's simply gorgeous & perfect for summer, even though I don't know where I'll even wear it yet, haha!

One thing I regret is not ordering the black maxi dress from the same collection. I might go back & buy it, because it was just too gorgeous, especially in real life! The picture of it really doesn't do it much justice.

Ew, my hair! Just got out of the shower...
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Zara

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wishlist #3

Each week, I will be doing a post on 3 items that I would absolutely die for!
Here are the next three items that are on my want list!

Currently lusting over:
  1. Marc Ecko Prez Swarovski Watches. These watches are to die for! I actually owned both of them, but unfortunately they went missing a while ago... long story there. Well, I would absolutely love to own them again, and I'm currently saving up for the silver, since I had just bought a gold one that looks almost exactly like these! YAY! You can spice up any outfit with these beauties! They might look too much, but I assure you, in real life they are just gorgeous.
  2. Chanel Westminster Pearl Shopper Tote. I've been lusting over this Chanel bag for so long! The pearls are so chic! You can also wear/use it as a clutch, if you fold it, so it's even more perfect and of course, so practical! Want want want!
  3. Fendi. Tulle-Embellished Suede Sandals. These Fendi tulle tie-up sandals are so cute & girly! I can just see me wearing these. I have tried them on before, and they are just as nice on as they are on the shoe shelf! I feel like in this style, nude is the only option, because the black would make your legs look stumpier and shorter, since the tulle part would cover your ankles, and that's not flattering at all! Meanwhile, these cream ones blend in perfectly with your skin colour & make you look gorgeous!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I ♥ My Dad!

Top: New Yorker
Cardigan: H&M

Happy Fathers Day to my daddy!
( I know it was officially yesterday, but I don't care - I love him to bits! )
He is the best in the world! ♥

Jeans: Paris
Top & Cardigan: Paris
Cardigan: Mango
Top: Valley Girl
Shorts: Bershka
Bag: Australia

Surprise! ♥

 I have the best dad in the world!!! Look what he got me!
♥ Arty ring, you're finally mine! ♥

I absolutely hated these rings at first, but after a while, they kind of grew on me! And now I'm loving them!
I'm not too keen on the turquoise & the others, it's annoying that everyone has those colours, but I'm not a colour person anyway, so this black one is just beyond perfect!
( I have to admit though, the pink one is just so pretty & girly! )

Thank you daddy! You're the best! xo

Friday, June 17, 2011

What I Wore Today #3

Hi there! Just a quick update!
So today I had to run out to the city to do some things and of course grab a few scoops of ice cream along the way, like always! 
I chose to wear this cute summer dress, which I'm actually wearing as a top, with this wide belt, leggings, and silver glitter heels. I didn't really like it as a dress to be honest, I got it in an XS, and it still looked a bit baggy and just not right!
If you like it. you can probably find it at your local H&M store, in ours it was priced down to an unbeliavable $8!!! I didn't even try it on, that's how ridiculously cheap that is. I was about to pay at the counter when I spotted it, so I quickly grabbed one and I don't regret it one bit! It's great for everyday wear.
You can also find it online here! Available in 6 colours, if I remember correctly.

Dress: H&M
Belt: Valley Girl
Necklace: H&M Divided
Leggings: Tally Weijl
Heels: Local shop

Nails my way! #7

So I have become a huge fan of gel nails, and I have to say I'm crazy addicted to them! I have tried out several styles, but I just have so many more in my mind that I want to do! They are just amazing, last ages, up to 3-4 weeks to be exact, don't chip, fade, break, etc. I am simply in love with them.

I will be doing a post on each of the different styles I've had in the past!
Check out these cute Tiffany & Co. inspired design!

As I said above, this look was inspired by Tiffany & Co. I just wanted something different from my usual nails, which are almost always pink, or a neutral colour, like black or white.
I've never really worn similar colours to this, and I'm not really a huge fan of this colour either, I just feel like it's not really me... but I have to say they turned out really pretty, and I'm glad I gave into this whole turqouisy feel! :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rachel Zoe & Chloé Paraty Bag

I've always liked this Chloé "Paraty" bag, especially the python, but ever since I saw my favorite celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe wear it, I fell even more in love with it. She makes it look so irresistable! In fact, she makes pretty much everything look good! I absolutely LOVE her.

So my question is, YES or NO?!

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