Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wishlist #3

Each week, I will be doing a post on 3 items that I would absolutely die for!
Here are the next three items that are on my want list!

Currently lusting over:
  1. Marc Ecko Prez Swarovski Watches. These watches are to die for! I actually owned both of them, but unfortunately they went missing a while ago... long story there. Well, I would absolutely love to own them again, and I'm currently saving up for the silver, since I had just bought a gold one that looks almost exactly like these! YAY! You can spice up any outfit with these beauties! They might look too much, but I assure you, in real life they are just gorgeous.
  2. Chanel Westminster Pearl Shopper Tote. I've been lusting over this Chanel bag for so long! The pearls are so chic! You can also wear/use it as a clutch, if you fold it, so it's even more perfect and of course, so practical! Want want want!
  3. Fendi. Tulle-Embellished Suede Sandals. These Fendi tulle tie-up sandals are so cute & girly! I can just see me wearing these. I have tried them on before, and they are just as nice on as they are on the shoe shelf! I feel like in this style, nude is the only option, because the black would make your legs look stumpier and shorter, since the tulle part would cover your ankles, and that's not flattering at all! Meanwhile, these cream ones blend in perfectly with your skin colour & make you look gorgeous!


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