Monday, November 28, 2011

Orange Hermés Birkin Bag

Okay. I have been in a serious love/hate relationship with this bag, from day one. I'll explain why.

I think this bag is on my Christmas wishlist this year, in the 40cm size preferably, and why do I only think that, not know it surely? Because sometimes I'm just not too sure if this bag is really me afterall. 

I absolutely love Birkin bags, they are one of my favorites, but as you know, I'm not really a huge fan of colours, and that is why I'm really hesitating over the whole orange thing. All my bags are black, black, black, and more black, ok and some white, and maybe red, and a little pink, but mostly black. You get the point...

Orange is a lovely colour, and such a classic, especially for Hermés, since it is their trademark shade, but I just can't decide... I'm so stuck on my black & white mania that I can't seem to break away from it. I think I need to break the cycle a little! 

It just looks so lovely on Kourtney Kardashian, with her bronzed skin and dark locks, it just makes all her outfits pop! She was actually the one who made me fall in love with it completely. I never liked this bag on Victoria Beckham as much as her other gorgeous coloured Birkins, or on bad girl Lindsay Lohan or Formula 1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone for that matter. But Kourt just rocks it and makes me lust it even moooooore!

I need your help! 
What do you honestly think?
Do you say yes to this orange Hermés Birkin, or perhaps... a big no?
Because I sure can't make my mind up, that's for sure.

Victoria Beckham has been spotted with her lovely orange Birkin several times before!
Lindsay Lohan also owns an orange shade Birkin, in 40cm. Wow, it looks so big on her!
Tamara Ecclestone & her sister Petra are also huge Birkin fans, they own several numbers of the famous bags. And of course here's a little street style inspiration for you!

I never knew Nicole Richie had an orange Hermés! She doesn't wear it too often, does she...
Of course, I saved the best for last - Kourtney Kardashian and her beautiful orange Birkin, with gold hardware!
SO LOVELY! She makes me want to buy one right now! Her gorgeous tanned complexion and dark long hair just goes perfectly with this shade. (That's why I originally thought it would also suit me, by the way.) Hmm.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What I Wore Today #21

Hello everyone! How are you all doing on this lovely Saturday?
I woke up so early today, they're renovating our street right now, and the workers start at 6am, which is so annoying because I seriously can't get any sleep, especially if I come home late, at times like 3-4am... sigh. I just hope they will finish it soon.

Anyway, on a better note - This is what I wore yesterday!
I'm a huge huge faux fur fan, I own so many, in lots of colours, sizes and shapes, and I decided to wear my vintage mid-length black one this time, which is one of my favorites! 
And I couldn't help myself; I just had to pair them with all black, because I honestly swear by the colour black! It's my favorite colour to wear, it's just such a classic, so elegant and timeless. I simply love it! I think the patent bag and the military style lace-up boots really give it an edge!
By the way, I was in such a rush, that I forgot to put my bling on. :( No rings for me this time unfortunately... But nevertheless, I still adore this whole outfit!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Tally Weijl Picks #2

You might remember the post I did on super cute clothes & accessories from Tally Weijl (you can find it here), and things that were on my wishlist. Well I decided to do a second Tally post, since their new campaign just came out!
This time I'm more into the accessories, particularly shoes, belts, bags, and mostly... jewelry!
I do love the metallic gold leggings and the cream faux fur too though... And of course I can't forget the beautiful white drape dress either!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red Hot Crystals

Hey lovely ones!
I'm feeling a bit sick and I decided to stay home until I get better, so it's the perfect time to write a new post!
I want to show you two new pair of shoes I bought!

First up are these amazing shiny patent red wedges, which both my mom & I fell in love with the moment we spotted them! They also had it in 2 different colours, taupe & black suede, but the red just immediately caught our attention, and of course we chose to buy this one after all!

Then there are these gorgeous crystal embellished boots, which I adore so much, I just want to wear them all the time! They are so girly & so pretty with all the shiny stones decorating them, and not to mention, they are also really comfortable! So when I'm having a bad day, or don't feel like wearing high heels  at all, then these are definitely my choice of shoes for the day!

I'm honestly starting to think I have a serious problem with both shoes & bags... I seem to be addicted, and I just can't help myself! Eek...

Monday, November 21, 2011

What I Wore Today #20

Hey everyone!
So sorry for not updating in the past few days, I have been so busy... I cannot even stress it enough.
We are working on a few videos right now, which I mentioned in my previous What I Wore Today post. One of them, which we did for a clothing brand... but the question of which one exactly - I will reveal soon! I have done posts on it previously, and I absolutely love shopping there, that's one thing I can tell you!

Anyway, I wanted to show you what I wore on the weekend. I had to go to work, but soon after I left to hang out with some of my friends, and to just have a few drinks!
I decided to wear all black, which is a big favorite of mine if you haven't noticed yet.
I also paired my black outfit with some crystals & my beautiful shocking yellow Peekaboo bag, which I got from my boyfriend for our anniversary! I love it! It makes my look really just pop! And of course I couldn't resist the thigh high boots either. I'm really into them right now!

Top: H&M
Leggings: Bershka
Crystal Blazer: H&M
Thigh High Boots: Bershka
Silver Flake Scarf: New Yorker
Rings: H&M

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Burberry Prorsum Studded Trench Coats

My love for this amazing piece of clothing will never end...

You might remember one of these coats from my very first Wishlist post, and they are still on top of my WANT list. I just totally have to get my hands on one.
From the moment I first spotted it on the runway, I instantly fell in love!
And my lust for it just keeps getting worse and worse, with every picture I see...

I've always loved Burberry's classic garadine trench coats, but these studded beauties are by far my favorite they have ever come up with.
The gold studs give it such a sexy, rock chic vibe, which is the absolutely perfect for blinging your look up a little!

Oh & if I don't succeed, I am so DIY-ing! 
If only I had more time to actually finish a proper DIY project for once... Haha! xx

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