Sunday, June 5, 2011

Think pink!

My mom's birthday present, which my boyfriend and I got for her, is finally here! I'm so happy! 
I had to snap a picture of me wearing it, because its just so gorgeous, especially in real life! I'm totally stealing it from her when she's not looking!
PS - How cute is the ribbon I made to spice it up a little?! I love it! xoxo

With & without flash. - It's such a beautiful shade of pink, perfect for summer!


  1. Thatss amazing! Your mum is a lucky woman :)

  2. She is, isn't she!
    Luckily her wardrobe is only a few steps away from mine, so I will be able to sneak it out easily without getting caught! Haha. I realllllly adore the colour, pink is so in right now! ♥

  3. LOVEE the ribbon what a perfect touch!


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