Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Furla Candy Bag

As I have said several times in the past, I'm not really a huge fan of colourful things, but... how could anyone resist these gorgeous Candy Bags by Furla, which are available in a rainbow of shades! I'm in love!

I'm a bit sad that they're not bigger in size, to be honest I'm a big bag kind of girl, I always carry so much stuff with me, but I just couldn't help myself, so I ordered a clear one, which you can see just above, on the picture! (There goes my money that I've saved up from work... Eep!)
 I feel like that one suits me the best, and I think it's definitely the colour which I will be able to use regardless of what I'm wearing, because it just goes with everything! Can't wait!

I definitely have to keep an eye out on what I put in my bag from now on though, but at least this will inspire me to keep my things tidier! Haha!

Aw, looks like even the puppy loves the bag! I don't blame him/her, neon yellow is so in right now! How adorable.

One of my favorite fashion bloggers - Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), sporting 3 of her lovely Candy Bags. The clear and the pink is to die for!


  1. I like the concept but it makes theft very easy, people can clearly see how valuable the items in your bag are and they don't really give much privacy...

  2. may i know which site did you order them from? i reside in brisbane and it seems that the furla website does not offer international shipping. :(

  3. Hello!
    I'm a big eBayer, I buy a lot of things there, and that's also where I got the bag from... But spotting one there nowadays is rather hard, but one or two does pop up on there from time to time!
    I suggest you keep checking there, I'm pretty certain you can find one eventually! :)
    Best of luck to you, and PS - I'm also from near Brisbane... the Gold Coast to be exact! Ah, how I miss it... xx

  4. ah soooo cute, I reallly want one of these.

  5. i looove the clear furla candy bag! does anyone know where i can buy it in Malaysia or an OL site that does shipping to Malaysia and the price? thanks :)

  6. Hi, im selling those furla candy bags n im from malaysia :) it not 100% ori but its look like furla candy bags as the replica :) visit my fb: ardor collection II :)


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