Friday, December 9, 2011

ZARA Gold Sequin Clutch

Hello everyone!
Wow, I haven't updated in ages. I'm so sorry for that!
I have been so incredibly busy with work, I haven't really had time to come on the internet much.
I've been doing hair & makeup, styling, editing & video shooting in the past few weeks, which is amazing, and what I've always dreamed of! It's just so much fun. I really enjoy doing it!

I also wanted to show you this amazing gold sequin clutch from ZARA, which I bought a while ago. You might remember it from one of my What I Wore Today posts!
No doubt, it has been very popular with bloggers & models all over the world, but it's no wonder because it's gorgeous! 
Just how beautiful does it look on all the pictures? I'm seriously in love! 
I can't wait to wear mine more often!


  1. I like Zara, and the clutch is perfect :)

    Kisses, nice post !I follow you!

  2. wow! its gorgeous!! I hope they still have it in store!

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  8. I just purchase my sequins couch and I can't wait to wear mine out, I love your post and the clutches. You did well. Hope that you will follow me as I did for you.

    Have a great day.

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