Friday, June 10, 2011

Ugg & Hunter Boots?!

Okay, so someone asked me what I thought about Ugg & Hunter Boots!
Well, to be honest, I'm a big big fan of Hunters, but the ugg boots, not so much. 
I own 2 pairs of uggs, but I rarely wear them! Probably wore them out once or twice. 
I don't know. I just feel like I'm walking around in my pj's when I wear them, and you know like one of those indoor fur booties you wear in the middle of winter when you're just chilling at home? Yeah, that's the one! Just not my thing.

The Hunter's on the other hand are a great invesment! 
I personally don't own any Hunter boots, but I own so many pairs of other brands. There's a shop where I live that sells the most amazing designs, and I own like every pair! 
Plain black with a bow, white with a bow, black glitter, brown leopard print, pink bow print on a black base, zebra print, and hello kitty, these are just some of the ones I have, I'm totally addicted to them!
They are just great if you don't want to wear high heels, if you're out all day and want to be comfy, or of course if the weather's a bit glum and rainy. 
I wear mine all the time, especially during autumn & winter! In fact, I can't wait til the weathers colder again, because I want to wear my new rain boots already!

Rachel Bilson and her green Hunters. 
AnnaLynne McCord wearing this AMAZING silver pair. WANT WANT WANT.
I adore Kelly Ripa's bright aqua coloured Hunter boots!
Kristen Bell loves her crocodile Hunters. And she's not the only one, cause I LOVE them too!
Ashley Tisdale wears her Hunter boots perfectly, pairing them with black leggings & a poncho! 10/10!
Pixie Lott is red hot at an event in her red coloured rain boots.
The cast of Gossip Girl love wearing this trend, here you can see Blake Lively sporting it in blue!
Mary Kate Olsen has been spotted in Hunter boots several times.
Another Gossip Girl, this time Leighton Meester, wearing a red pair! So hot!
Style Icon Nicole Richie sporting a plain black pair.
Looks like the boys love their Hunters too! Penn Badgley & Ed Westwick. And I don't blame them, because they are super comfy & look great! Even on guys, yes. I love it!
My favorite one - I've loved these pink Hunter boots ever since I first saw them.
They would go perfectly with all my clothes! I would pair them with a plain black/white outfit, and some pink nails/accessories, or maybe a bag, but too much pink would be too overpowering, so it's important to only have 1-2 pink items! 

And just as an extra little treat - Here you can see me wearing my zebra print wellington boots! I adore them. 


  1. Only in America are you so pretentious that you can turn a classic into some obnoxious trend...that you are calling them "hunter's" tagging it with a label... when they have been known since time began only as Wellington boots or affectionately as Wellies in Europe forever!

  2. I know exactly what Wellington boots are, but thank you for the useful information, and the comment.
    The post is tagged with "Hunter" because as you know, the boots are by a brand, named Hunter, therefore I don't know why it is such a big mistake calling them by what they actually are, rather than labelling them as a Wellington boot, or Wellies, which is what they are generally known by.

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  7. What bag are you wearing in your last picture? I love it!

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