Sunday, October 14, 2012

New In: ZARA Emerald Green Necklace

 I have had my eye on this gorgeous Zara necklace the moment I spotted it at the store in Budapest. I fell in love immediately. I didn't buy it then, because I was in a rush and I regret it the moment I left the city, but I was lucky enough to be able to find it at another store, and so I bought the last one left a few weeks later.
This necklace has become bloggers favorite piece, and no wonder, because it is absolutely stunning!
You don't have to wear anything exciting when you have this necklace on. A simple black or white shirt is enough. Pair it with this beauty and you will sure to have all eyes looking at you! xoxo

Can't wait to wear it!

Check out all the different ways you can wear it:

Kim Kardashian Style Disaster?!

Kim Kardashian has always been one of my favorites when it came to celebrity style. Her love of Birkin bags, iconic Louboutins, skin tight mini dresses, gorgeous blazers, stylish capes, and beatiful trench coats, have always mesmerized me.

I am aware that she dressed with the help of fashion stylist Monica Rose, a big shout out to her for transforming Kimmy into one of the most photographed & most fashionable celebrities of our time.

Except, sadly that's not the case anymore.

Her new boyfriend Kanye West decided to take fashion matters into his own hands, as we saw on Keeping up with the Kardashians... He threw out all her old clothes and decided to style her himself, and boy what can I say... she just hasn't been the same since.

Seriously? What is she wearing most of the time?

I was always excited to see a post about her, or a section of her in a magazine, because I just loved everything she wore, I felt her previous style was so similar to mine, and I was just so used to her always being so glamorous, but she has just gone downhill BIG TIME.

I know I'm probably noone to judge how she dresses, but it's just sad to see how good she used to look. And now? She looks short, frumpy, and it looks like all her clothes are two sizes smaller than she is.
Don't get me wrong, she has a beautiful womany figure which is so rare nowadays amongst celebrities, but she is curvy & petite, so she should really wear clothes that compliment & flatter her frame instead of just making her look even bigger than she is.

Sigh, I just miss the old fabulous Kim K. 

I've collected all the things she's worn since she started going out with Kanye, check it out:
(You can click the images to make them bigger)

I just cannot get past these Givenchy boots she bought in not one, but two colours! I mean, they might look ok with something you'd wear in winter, but with short dresses? Pleaaaase don't.

This outfit... I cannot even begin to explain. There are just no words for it. Sorry Kimmy.

THIS. I don't honestly know what she was thinking when she looked in the mirror while getting dressed. Or maybe Kanye didn't let her look... who knows.

The thing I hate most is how she usually wears black shoes that cover her ankles, usually boots, or high strap sandals that make her legs stumpy and make her look even shorter than she is. It's a worst fashion faux paux you can do in my opinion.

What do you think of her new-found style...?
LOVE it or HATE it?

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