Friday, June 3, 2011

H&M By Night : Sparkling & Colourful Collection

Oh my gosh, I absolutely love H&M's new summer collection! Everything is so me! 

Unfortunately they only had this collection in Budapest, which is 2 hours from where I live, so I had no chance to buy any of them as I was busy all week... And they sold out in less than a week!!!

What I wanted to get;
The hot pink cut-out maxi dress, totally OBSESSED! 
The black halter-neck maxi dress, oh I'm addicted to maxi dresses right now!

But on a much better note, one of my good friends lives in the UK, so hopefully she will buy them for me! 
Yay! I'm so happy, I thought I'll never own any of these gorgeous pieces!
I hope they will all look as amazing in real life as they do on the website. 

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