Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wishlist #2

Each week, I will be doing a post on 3 items that I would absolutely die for!
Here are the next three items that are on my want list!

Currently lusting over:
  1. Hermés Medor Clutch. I absolutely love clutches. Day or night, I'll wear them whenever I can. One of my all-time favorite clutches is this gorgeous Medor clutch, by Hermés. It's insanely gorgeous, simple yet so sexy! I just love the typical Hermés lock detailing. It would go with my Collier de Chien cuff's perfectly! WANT!
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Arty Oval Ring - Black or Pink. When I first saw these rings, I absolutely hated them. I'm obsessed with rings, especially the bigger the better, but for some reason I was never too fond of these iconic YSL rings. But now I've actually realised they're not that bad at all! I think I was just really annoyed by everyone owning a turqouise or a coral one. And that's exactly why I have my eyes on the black, or the pink! I can totally see me wearing either of them!
  3. Alexander Wang Cher Large Siamese ClutchAs I said in the 1. point, I adore clutches! They are so practical, even for everyday wear, especially if you don't want to carry a huge bag with you. Well this beautiful leopard print Wang clutch is THE perfect clutch for any time of the day! It's big, so you can fill it up with endless amounts of things, and let's not forget how gorgeous it is too!

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