Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nails my way! #5

 So I have become a huge fan of gel nails, and I have to say I'm crazy addicted to them! I have tried out several styles, but I just have so many more in my mind that I want to do! They are just amazing, last ages, up to 4 weeks to be exact, don't chip, fade, break, etc. I am simply in love with them.

I will be doing a post on each of the different styles I've had in the past! Check out one of my most loved designs!

These blinged out beauties were one of my favorite designs, I'm absolutely crazy about the colour black! I don't really wear much colour, only accessories, so these also went perfectly with my whole look and they were just so chic and elegant!  (Told you I was crazy about cocktail rings!)


  1. I agree that these are your best ones, so stunning and really match your style!

  2. This looks really amazing! I love it! :)



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