Monday, July 4, 2011

Glitter Wedges

Well the Steve Madden's I ordered arrived shortly after I wrote that post, and I just love them sooo much! 
I only got around to taking pictures now, so sorry for that!
They are beyond perfect for a summer's night out, or even during the day, especially with a gorgeous white dress and a nice tan.
The glitter wedge part is insane, it just sparkles, sparkles and sparkles! And they are so comfortable! 
I get compliments wherever I go! Definitely a great buy.


  1. how can i get these?????

  2. i'm not too sure, sorry. my friend's been looking for a pair too, after seeing me wear it, and they are pretty much sold out everywhere! i practically bought one of the last 2 pairs left... you can't find them on steve madden anymore either... or ebay. :( but i'll keep an eye out for you if i see one! they are so comfortable! xo


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