Sunday, July 10, 2011

What I Wore Today #7

Today was the last day of coldness, according to the weather forecast! Yay! 
This time, I chose to wear this black & white outfit. I'm a huge fan of black/white (if you haven't noticed by now, haha), my whole wardrobe practically consists of those two colours.

I bought the blazer from H&M, they were on sale for $20, from their Conscious Collection, made from "enviromentally - adapted and greener materials such as organic cotton, Tencel® and recycled polyester!"

They didn't always look like this though. I blinged them up a little with a strip of silver sequins, to make it a little more interesting! It's so me now!
Post on that coming soon! xoxo

Blazer: H&M Conscious Collection (with DIY silver sequins)
Cateye Sunglasses: Claire's
Quilted Bag: F&F
Top: New Yorker
Leggings: Zara
Jelly Flats: Weide


  1. I love your siggie (xoxo with your name) how did you do it?
    I would love one like that :)

  2. thanks! its just a picture :) nothing special!


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