Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Selena Gomez

Have you guys seen this video of Selena Gomez? 
She's so cute acting all badass trying to rap Nicki Minaj's song Super Bass!
I love the song, and I love Selena lately, so I just had to post this!

I was never a huge fan of her, but since her new album came out, with her band - The Scene - I just can't stop listening to her songs! Everything is so catchy! I especially love "I Love You Like a Love Song"!

PS - You know I can totally rap this as well! Haha!

And talking about Selena, how gorgeous has she gotten? I mean she was always a pretty girl, but my oh my, she's grown up!
I'm really liking her fashion choices lately, especially for red carpet events.
I especially love how she always mixes her look up without looking like she's trying too hard!
From her makeup, to her hair - something's always different, but gorgeous every time!

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