Monday, July 4, 2011

Collier De Chien

I wrote earlier, that I would do a "what's in my jewelry box" post sometime (you can find the sneak peak here), but until then I thought I would do a post on my favorite bracelets. 
These are a great investment, especially if you're into fashion like me.
Not to mention they make a very stylish and bold statement and give a real edge to any ensemble.

I got these two gorgeous pieces for my birthday, the white from my mom, and the black from my boyfriend, and I've worn them so many times since! I'm addicted to them! There are so many other colours & styles available - you can't help but lust over them.
They are definitely one of my favorite accessories.
(Eek, they got a bit dusty while I was placing them on the stones for the photo! I had to mention it, as I consider myself a perfectionist, and the smallest things that other people might not even notice, can annoy me very much sometimes!)


  1. oohhh there are so beautiful. are they balenciaga?

  2. thanks. :) i love them!
    and no. balenciaga doesn't make these! xx

  3. Are these the ones by Hermes? I'm seriously in love with them!


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