Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I Wore Today #13

 Hello everyone!
Today I decided to wear a touch of red.

Whenever I see someone wear red, I always think of one of my favorite fashion quotes by Bill Blass; "When in doubt, wear red!"

And it's so true! Red is one of my favorite colours, I think you can really make your outfit pop with a hint of red, let it be a bag, a blazer, lipstick, or even a cheeky peek of your red soled heels.
You know I'm not really a colourful person when it comes to dressing up, but I do love playing around with colourful accessories, like this bag - which I love so much, that I had to purchase it in different colours as well!
But don't go overboard! Too much colour, in this case red, can really ruin your outfit! In my opinion, you should always stick to one item, either a bag, or shoes, which you can pair with red lipstick or nails.

Top: New Yorker
Pants: ZARA
Silver Platform Heels: Belle (You might remember them from this post)
Necklace: From Italy
Rings: Diva & eBay

And I also decided to attach this picture as well! 
I originally wanted to wear this outfit, with my gorgeous lace up boots, as the weather was quiet cold outside, but soon after, the sun decided to come out, so change of plan - I went for the silver platform heels instead.
Ah, I'm absolutely obsessing over boots right now, which means I cannot wait for the cold weather where I will be able to wear them finally, with a gorgeous blazer and a scarf. Hurry up autumn!


  1. Wow, you look great dear, I love both the platform pumps and the boots and the CD crazy red bag!!!!!!!
    You are very pretty :)

  2. Thank you so much! :)
    Ah, I wish I could have worn the boots! Maybe in a few weeks time, when the weather gets colder! xx


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