Monday, September 5, 2011

Some New Purchases!

Hi everyone! 
Just woke up not long ago, I have such a busy day ahead of me! But before leaving, I wanted to make sure I do a post, so here it is! Some recent purchases I've made! Hope you like them!

I blogged about oversized clutches not too long ago, I just love them so much! Whether it's day or night, you can rock these anytime! I realised I had no nude clutches, so I knew I had to get one, and I decided to choose this envelope style one, which is rather plain but really goes with everything! You know they say sometimes less is more! :)
I'm hoping to buy other colours as well, particularly yellow, white, black & maybe even royal blue!

These super cute heels might be familiar to you guys, and that's because they are actually the black version of this gorgeous pair, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. I couldn't help myself, I had to get another colour! The only difference with this one is that the bottom, platform part and the heels are suede, unlike on the nude pair, which is all patent leather. 
Love them! Thick heels are so chich right now!

And finally, these super sexy leopard print heels, which I ordered online! I absolutely love them, but it's a shame they're a bit too tight... I might just end up selling them, because honestly, there's nothing worse than a pair of heels that are uncomfortable! Boo! :(


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