Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winter Madness

Winter is fast approaching, and with the temperature being 10-15C, I started shopping for the cold weather!
I looooove love love winter, so much in fact, that my wardrobe consists of about 3 times more winter clothes than summer ones. I can't help but buy gorgeous furs & beautiful coats whenever I spot one.
So for the past few weeks, I've been on a mission to hunt the perfect pieces down!

Starting with this leopard print faux fur which I adore... it has to be my new favorite piece!
I have to admit, I'm a faux fur maniac, and what can be better than leopard print + faux fur together?
Not to mention, it is so warm! Winteeeer, here I come!

Then there's this absolutely adorable caramel-coloured coat, which I got as a present from Tally Weijl. I love the brands winter line, and I always find such cute pieces! The girls there are always so nice, and I'm so happy to have received this beauty from them! Thank you!
Also, how adorable is the leopard print faux fur part around the neck? And the bow pockets! I'm in love!

This white winter coat is also from Tally Weijl, thanks girls! This is a more casual piece, which I can wear to uni, or if I'm having a more layed-back day! I feel like a snow bunny when I wear it, haha!

This is a vintage piece we found with my mom the other day. I simply love the simple straight-cut of this coat, and the three-quarter sleeves, with the big black buttons! I can't wait to wear this!
(Not to mention houndstooth is SO in fashion right now! Have you seen my trend report on the classic print?)

And last, but not least, this classic beige trench coat, from Stradivarius. I love trench coats, and I have them in so many colours, but for some reason, I could never find the perfect cream version, until I spotted this the other week! Love this too, and can't wait to wear it with a cute black fur stole, and some thigh high boots!

PS - A post on winter accessories coming soon!

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