Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Sunglasses Galore


Hi everyone!
I decided to take some pics of my sunglasses collection; I'm a huuuuuge huge fan of oversized sunnies, I have a serious thing for them, which you can probably tell by looking at these pictures!
I only wear mainly black, and sometimes silver, or gold sunglasses, as you can tell... I'm convinced that coloured ones don't really suit me... But even though basically all my shades are similar - black with dark tinted lenses - I think they are definitely all very unique in their own way! I love them very much, but I'm so sad that the weather isn't sunny anymore! :(

I'm curious - Which one's your favorite?! 


  1. You have an amamzing collection of sunglasses. I started my own sunglasses collection but I'm not where near how many you have!

    I found your blog via bloglovin & I'm a new follower! So I'll take the time to introduce myself, I'm Rae from NYC. lol :)


  2. Thank you sweetie! I've been collection for a while now, I'm just too addicted to big oversized sunnies! Love them!
    Also, thank you so much for following Rae! It's nice to meet you. :) I checked your blog out & I love it! xoxo

  3. I love it!!!!! I love collecting big sunglasses!!!! Would love to have those House of Harlow Chelsea Sunglasses and that vintage Dior butterfly you have ;)

    I super love your blog. I hope you follow me on Google Friend Contact and Bloglovin - http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/3489484/passion-for-fashion

    Check out my blog ----> itssomarkness.blogspot.com thanks!!!!

  4. Mother of sunglasses, I'm impressed with your collection. The fact that those look cool is really amazing. Mind telling when did you start collecting those?

  5. The one on the lower right corner, that would be my favorite. I wear sunglasses when the occasion calls for it. But I always see to it that the color of my glasses match the color of the clothes I'm wearing

  6. Wow, Amy! You have all types of sunglasses – from aviator to cat’s-eye style, and my ever favorite rectangular-shaped sunglasses. I like the pair at the top-middle area with the thin, golden frame. The detail is simply fantabulous! By the way, the ones with the brown lenses are a great choice for driving. They are best for accentuating the contrast between colors.

    Davida Schirmer


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