Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last Week Purchases

Hello everyone! 
I haven't done a post on my recent purchases in a while, so I thought it would be time to finally do one!

I want to start it off with these super fashionable chunky gold cuff bracelets from H&M, which I purchased two of, because I absolutely adore them and I'm just so obsessed with them, not to mention that lately they have been a huge trend on runways all over the world! 
Can't wait to wear them with a sexy black dress & some serious platform heels!

Next up; I've never really been a fan of toy/silicone or ICE Watches, but my boyfriend and my mom got me one each, and I really came to like them! So much in fact, that I had to purchase myself a corally orange one as well! :) These are perfect if you don't want to dress-up or you just want to run out somewhere wearing a more layed-back outfit. 

And last but not least; these super cute metallic ugg boots, I purchased at H&M a while ago. I love love love them, especially with an all black ensemble and my oversized silver bag to go with it! From close-up, it has tiny silver sparkles all over it! So pretty!

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