Sunday, February 19, 2012

My H&M Wishlist #2

Good evening to everyone!
So I'm currently at work and I was just browsing H&M's online store... I just got back from holiday and I haven't really been out shopping much, but by the looks of the official website - H&M sure have some promising pieces out in the near future! 
I'm so excited to get my hands on these gorgeous clothes and accessories. 
My ultimate wish out of these is the gold sweater and the silver pearl choker necklace.  I'm simply obsessed with metallics, I have been in love with them for the past 2 years, let that be gold, silver, bronze, I just love it all. And the necklace? Well that requires no further explanation. I am a choker freak. If it's a choker, I have to have it! They are MAJOR WANT. 
I also really love the black leather flare top too, the cut is amazing, and I just love love leather, it's so badass, I have to get it! And the striped sailor navy blazer is to die for! I have 2 other striped blazers, but this one with the gold studs & the dark blue stripes is just gorgeous and so irresistable. And the rest I also like but don't love as much as the other things I mentioned. I'm still going to try them on though! Hopefully they will look great on as well!

What I wanna know is - Do you like any of these items? Which one's your favorite?! xoxo


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