Thursday, September 26, 2013

Boyfriend Style #2

So you might remember this post from a few months ago, where I wrote about how much I love my boyfriends sense of style and also did an outfit post with him. (Honestly, if I was a guy, I'd be the spitting image of him style-wise. I just love everything about him!)
And I also wrote about how sad I was that he didn't want to start a blog of his own, even though I've been telling him to do it for the past 3 years, but hey, not to worry! - I am going to be featuring him on my own blog from time to time!

Here's another outfit post from him. Enjoy xoxo

Sunglasses: ZARA (last season)
Shirt: ZARA (last season)
Blazer: ZARA (last season)
Trousers ZARA (last season)
Shoes: ZARA (this season)
Watch: Cartier

Can you tell we love ZARA...?! A little too much, yes.


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