Friday, January 4, 2013

My Christmas - 2012

I hope you guys all had a lovely Christmas!
I wasn't really in the festive spirit this year, like all the previous years, maybe because my dad wasn't here to celebrate it with us, but it was still a beautiful few days and I can proudly say I did a lot of Christmas related things, like bake all kinds of goodies & of course wrap up all the presents I got for everyone!

I put together a little post for you guys so you can also see how I spent my holidays! <3

Our beautiful tree, which is actually 18th years old this year! It's a faux tree, meaning its not real, but its just so pretty and I cant believe how long we've had it for, along with the decorations on it! So cute! It was in my room like every year, which I just love, because it gives me such a good feeling everything I walk in and look at it, and the lights on the tree are just so pretty too!
These are all the presents I wrapped and decorated by myself! All the bows were made by me individually. I personally couldnt wait for this part of Christmas, gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to do! Im always feeling so creative, I love doing things like this! I tried makinng everyones present as much their personality as I could, I think the end results definitely reflect this! :)
Here's some of the yummy baked goodies I made! This one's a hungarian specialty called mézes puszedli, which is like gingerbread but much softer, it is made of lots of honey and cinnamon, it has such a Christmassy taste, and then its topped off with delicious icing! Mine were all different shapes, stars, bunnies, hearts, snowmen, christmas trees! Haha! These honey kisses are one of my favorites at this time of the year!
This one here is our special orange & ginger slice, it is packed with both fresh ginger & yummy orange, it is so so good!
I also made gingerbread, like every year of course! This time I decorated them with all our names and made them into a heart shape! Mmmm.
This was a big favorite of everyone, I made this for a lot of guests who came over for dinner, and they absolutely loved it! I call them pinecone cheese balls, they are made of fresh cheddar& onion cheese spread & then decorated with almonds! So fun!
And lastly, our traditional Christmas fruit cake, which I just cant get enough it! It has all kinds of fruits in it and lots of walnuts! Too good!

PS - If you guys want the recipe to any of the desserts, let me know! I'll do an individual post about it for you if any of you want to know! They are all absolutely delicious!

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  1. all of them look so good :) im interested in your pinecone cheese balls' recipe! thanks:)


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