Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Purchases: Gold & More Gold.

There are actually a lot, and I mean a lot of things I bought in the past few months, and to tell you the truth, I haven't really done a post about them, which I'm sure you have noticed.
So now I will just do a quick post of 2 things I bought from my favorite store ZARA in recent weeks, and some more posts later when I have some time to take photos of everything! :)

First up is this adorable gold glitter loafer. I have wanted this the first second I layed my eyes on it! I have always wanted a cute slipper, but never really found the perfect one, until I stepped into ZARA. I've tried several styles, colours, etc, but they were all really uncomfortable. 

It also came in silver, but I'm a golden girl, all my bags, accessories, everything is gold, so there is no wonder why I got this colour! I'm really thinking about the silver as well, it would be cute with all my outfits & the few silver hardware bags I have. And it's more glam in my opinion!

The other thing I got was these gold studded gloves, well, actually, ny boyfriend bought these since he knew how much I wanted them. I saw them last year in store, but they sold out in a heartbeat, so I was really happy to see these back in stock this year!
PS - I have done a post about Phillip Lim's studded babies a while ago, you might remember these beauties from there, if not, then keep reading!

I first saw a similar pair on Kim Kardashian & Beyonce and I immediately knew I had to have them too! It took me 2 years to actually find a pair, but I'm so happy it's finally mine!
As you can see, Phillip Lim's version is studded all-over, unlike the ZARA one which doesn't have studs on the fingers, but I think it's still gorgeous:
 ZARA's studded gloves from last years collection:
 And finally, two longer styles! J'adore them. <3


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