Monday, October 8, 2012

Anna Dello Russo at H&M - What I Bought

If you guys have read my previous posts, you will know how much I've waited for Anna Dello Russo's H&M collection... I can't believe the day has finally come!

I travelled 2 hours to the one and only H&M store that sold these amazing pieces, early in the morning, and waited hours in the cold at 7am, but it was definitely worth it! 
I have never seen a collaboration that I've loved as much as this one, all the items are perfect and to die for! I honestly couldn't find a piece that I didn't like.
I'm so over the moon for this collection because I am a huge accessory/jewelry maniac, I always keep finding myself browsing around the stores, not for clothes, bags, or shoes, but for some bling bling! Haha!

AdR previously said in an interview that she wanted to do a collection like this because no other previous designer for H&M really covered jewelry, but mostly clothes instead, and I'm very happy she finally did. And the fact that it was her, not some other celebrity/designer just made the whole collection so much better! I have always admired Anna's work & her dedication to fashion. How crazy she is about fashion, it just makes me love her even more! Her crazy colourful outfits and her always excessive jewelry. The fact that she wears an haute couture piece straight from the runway right to the street, all of that - it's just simply awesome & inspiring.

I have to say that I have never been crazy about any other special designer H&M collaborations before, and I didn't go to either of them except for Versace. But I was honestly in no rush like this time! I liked the choker necklaces and the mini wristlet chain bags, the studded details on the clothing, but that's about it. The rest was just too much for me. Or maybe more like - not really me.

I can't stop myself from also mentioning that the quality of these AdR accessories is terrific. I mean, the quality for this price is just unbelievable in my opinion. I have heard a lot of people here in my country say, oh how terrible this whole collection is, and how poorly made & bad quality everything is. That's just hard to hear, because honestly, if you owned ANY of these pieces, or have seen them up close or held them in your hand, then you'd know how everything is so detailed and heavy, and full of material. Definitely not cheap, poor quality.
This woman is a genius & her whole collection is exactly like her. Perfect.

All in all, I spent half a day travelling, not getting enough sleep, and spending all my money... but I honestly don't regret one moment of it. Best decision I've ever made! 

Anna, you nailed it! xoxo

I've also taken some photos of what I purchased, everything is so pretty! 

You can see all the pictures by clicking the link at the bottom of the post.

Which one's your favorite?! 
Even though it's terribly hard to choose, since everything is so gorgeous - Mine has to be the gold clutch and the crocodile sunglasses! Absolutely amazing.

PS - If any of my readers also went to the launch: What did you get? <3


  1. I love it !!!

  2. I loved the collection as well, because I'm a fan of bling to ;) Here is what I got

    1. Love the gold snake bracelet hun!!! I missed out on it. :( Lucky girl!
      The green crystal necklace is amazing too. I wanted to get it, but I already have a similar one from Zara! xx

  3. I was at the launch collection, see what I bought were :

    big kiss

    Ps. I loved your shopping, I didn´t have the luck to grab all the itens I wish I had... Love the snake bracelet... snif snif...

    1. Aww! Love the crocodile necklace & the gorgeous clutch! Wonderful things you bought, hun! xx


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