Saturday, May 12, 2012

Instapost #1

Hi guys!
I have been a bit busy lately, and I know I've said this a thousand times already... but I'm just really snowed in right now! So this is why I haven't updated lately. So sorry! I just wish I could do a new post everyday!
I do update my instagram quite often though, since my phone is always with me wherever I go, unlike my computer...
That is exactly why I thought  I would do a weekly Instagram post, and share my pictures with you guys!
Hope you like them!

(Also, please don't remove the watermark from my images... it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!)

This snake bracelet is my absolute favorite right now!

The newest additinon to my shoe collection! Spikes.

I have the best dad ever! He got me these amazing tights from Australia, aren't they just gorgeous?!


  1. These all love fabulous!! I adore those tights, please let me know the brand I would really appreciate it :)

  2. where are the tights from??? AMAZE

  3. Thank you!
    My dad bought them from Australia! I'm in love with it!
    Not sure about the brand though, because it doesn't have a tag inside it... :/

  4. amazing ring ;)

  5. Can you ask your dad where abouts he got these from? City, area? Any clue would be great! Ive been looking for these everywhere :( ! Thankyou gorgeous

  6. In Brisbane! :) He doesn't remember the shop though, because he doesn't keep up with fashion like us girls, he just spotted it on a mannequin in the store window & bought a pair cause he knew I've wanted one like this for the longest time!
    Try eBay though, they might have something similar?
    Hope I could help! x

  7. Those tights are amazing!!!

    You have a really good style.

  8. where are the heels from they are to DIE for!


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