Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I Wore Today #12

Hello everyone!
Took this picture on Saturday, while I was at work! God, It was such a tiring day! I worked all night, so I made sure I was comfy but still fashionable of course! I meet and greet hundreds of people in just a couple of hours, so I always have to make sure I look my best!

I wore a leopard print cardigan over a black top, with black pants, and some black & gold accessories (Collier de Chien bracelet and YSL Arty ring on my other hand) and added my favorite nude pair of heels as a finishing touch! 
Oh and excuse the weird pose, but I wanted you guys to see my shoes this time! They are always cut off from the picture... stupid table that's in the way! Haha! xoxo

Cardigan: H&M
Top: Igedo
Pants: ZARA
Shoes: ZARA


  1. One word: chic! Hey, you've been posting for this series for quite a while now. Have you seen the "What I Wore Today" project? It's a blog about people showing their outfit of the day by drawing it! Very cool! And hey, you did a great job! And just stay fashionable and sparkling, despite the heavy work. The shoes take the cake!


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